My take on social justice "warriors"/ Grey Delisle - Quit jivin' me turkey
My take on social justice “warriors”/ Grey Delisle

I’ve been involved in a social justice group in school since year 10. Our group raised awareness about all kinds of issues, and we did a bunch of fundraisers too which went out to poor countries around the world.

That’s not the point. The point is never, during the ENTIRE three whole years did we get into an argument with anyone about anything. Never did we have a debate which degraded into name calling and other irrelevant crap like bringing up privilege or skin colour. We raised awareness, and people were happy to be educated, and our work actually contributed irl. To me, that’s social justice.

But this shit? This bullshit on here with Grey Delisle and the “SJW” effectively bullying her? That’s not social justice work. Since when is mob mentality, getting offended over the slightest thing and bullying someone who doesn’t agree with you social justice work? Tumblr is literally the weirdest place for this. It’s so aggressive. 

It would have been ok if she said “I hate trans* people” or something to that effect- then perhaps this backlash would have been justified. Not the hate speech though- that can’t be condoned. But making a joke about Justin Bieber having a vagina?!?!? Half the internet has!

I’ve read comments on here about how they were “deeply offended” by what she said. You were offended by that? How do you even function in real life? How did you even make it online when a few months ago, that’s literally all the internet was? Am I saying that trans* issues don’t exist? FUCK NO. They do and it’s important everyone is aware of it and stands up for those issues. But she wasn’t trying to undermine it with that joke, for God’s sakes!

And her response to the follower who said she didn’t like Grey anymore? The one with the screenshot of her summary? Grey wasn’t making fun of her sexuality- in her description it clearly said “I am an asshole who is repeatedly called nice”. Was it wrong of Grey to screenshot her url? Yes it was. But since what does that have to with trans* issues?

People calling her immature: She’s a grown-ass woman and she can do whatever she pleases. And I hate to resort to this “argument” but come on- it’s the internet. Seriously? If you want maturity, perhaps the internet is not the right place for you. I would really like to know EXACTLY what you want an apology for.

Finally, I’d like to say I’ve been watching this whole farce unfold, and especially comments from people who were “deeply offended”. Well, you’ve called her a “white bitch”, “slut”, “asshole”, asshat, “dipshit”, “piece of shit” and other various names. I just… I really can’t understand what you’re trying to do there. How is that remotely going to aid you in trying to persuade other people you’re right, or on the issue at hand? I just… I’m speechless.

The actual social justice workers, who spread information, envoke compassion and sympathy, I support you 100% and I encourage you to keep up the good work. But those who just go around insulting people and slandering them? Fuck you. Fuck every single one of you besmirching the name of people who actually do some good. That’s not social justice. That’s bulllying.

tl;dr It’s okay. I had to get it off my chest. First Sifu, then Bryan, now this. Maybe the crew of A:TLA are not the problem. Maybe you are. Ever thought about that?

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